Scuba Diving at Aliwal Shoal - South Africa

Ideally positioned in the middle of the Aliwal Shoal Marine Protected area, our recommended dive operator is privileged to be close to both the Southern and Northern reefs of Aliwal Shoal.
Humpback Whale - Aliwal Shoal

Humpback Whale - Aliwal Shoal

Diver and Raggy - Aliwal Shoal

Diver and Raggy - Aliwal Shoal

Turtle - Aliwal Shoal

Turtle - Aliwal Shoal


Aliwal Shoal has amazing biodiversity and wonderful reefs to explore. 


What you can see :- ±1200 species of fish,  hard and soft corals including gorgonians and sea fans,  dolphins, humpback whales, tiger sharks, ragged tooth sharks, black tip sharks, hammerhead sharks, potato bass, pineapple fish, scorpion fish, lion fish, turtles, colourful nudibranchs, stingrays, whale sharks, manta rays........







'This 2000 ton steamship sank on 20th May 1884 just north of the Aliwal Shoal.

The Nebo is lying upside down, 28 metres below sea level.



The Norwegian bulk carrier, weighing in at 15000 tons ripped open her hull on Northern Pinnacles on 11th August 1974. The crew made a brave attempt to get to shore, but the ship was irrevocably doomed and sank shortly afterwards. The crew were rescued, and there were no fatalities.The rusted framework now provides an established residence for varied fish species, and makes for very good diving. The bridge of the vessel lies 12 metres under the surface, and the ship lies on a sand bed at approximately 35 metres.






Howards Castle Named after a castle due to its unique castle tower like structures. Lots of gullies caves and swim throughs to explore on this dive and guaranteed encounters with the majestic oceanic black tip sharks and a very friendly Potato Bass 

  • Maximum Depth is 22 m



Cathedral (Required qualification: Advanced diver) Stunning Cathedral type rock formation. Tegular Ragged Tooth Shark encounters

  • Maximum depth is 27m.




Raggies Cave (Required qualification: Open Water diver) – Rock formations filled with numerous caves, overhangs and gullies. Large deposits of hard coral, rather than soft coral, can be found in this reef. Ragged tooth Sharks are commonly found in season.

  • Maximum depth is 18m.



Inside Edge and Outside Edge (Required qualification: Advanced diver) – This dive is along the reef border. Very impressive site, where divers curiously observe certain giant sea inhabitants. Hammerhead sharks and ray fish often "feeding" along the border. Important to notice, that this site often alters and is hardly recognizable even between the short interval dives.

  • Depth is from 12m to 24m. (Inside Edge) and 20 – 30м (Outside edge).



Manta Point (Required qualification: Open Water diver) – Swim throughs and gullies are on the list of interesting landscaping in this area. This is a great multilevel dive. Raggedtooth sharks are on the menu in November, patrolling the gullies and the caves. Schools of Flutemouth fish, Batfish, Trigger fish, Wrasse, and lots more can be seen during this dive.

  • Maximum depth is 16m.



Pinnacles (Required qualification: Open Water diver) – Pinnacles protracting from the bottom to as much as six meters from the surface, creating gullies, caves, overhangs, swim through and big holes in this reef. This is a relaxed enjoyable dive, because it is rather shallow, with more time to explore.

  • Average depth is 6 –12 m.



South Sands, North Sands (Required qualification: Open Water diver) 

  • Maximum depth is 18m




Scottburgh Reefs.  The dive reveals similar fish life as Northern Aliwal dive, yet a vast variety of coral – fern and black coral – this is an unbelievable sight.Depth of our Scottburgh dive sites:

  • Landers – from 21m to 35m

  • Butchers – from 18m to 26m,

  • Cowrie – от 16m to 26m,

  • Umzimai wall – from 28m to 40m,

  • Fern Coral – from 18м to 26м.


We can book accommodation for you in Scottsburgh or Umkomaas as part of your dive package.








Scuba Xcursion are based in Scottburgh, Kwa- Zulu Natal, South Africa ScubaXcursion, a mere 20m away from the ever popular Scottburgh Beach.


Trips to the world renowned Aliwal Shoal are done daily. These trips promise new and exciting adventures on every dive.


Scuba Xcursion are a registered SSI Instructor Training Centre and PADI resort and offer regular SSI and PADI courses ranging from Open water to Instructor with various specialties. These Diving Courses which are given at their Training Facility with Multi Media Equipment, are designed to be fun and enjoyable, yet safe and professional.























10 Dive Package        R2 800.00

5 Dive Package          R1 500.00

Per Dive                    R   350.00



BCD                                 R50.00

Regulator                          R50.00

Wet Suit                           R50.00

Weight Belt                       R30.00

Cylinder (Including Air Fill)  R50.00   

Mask                                R30.00

Fins                                  R30.00

Booties                             R30.00

Full Set (All of the above)   R250.00

Hard Gear only                  R150.00

Soft Gear only                   R80.00








Scuba Xcursion are an SSI dive school offering the following courses :

Open Water, Advanced Open Water, Rescue Diver, Dive Master, Emergency First Response and a refresher course for those that have not dived recently.They also offer many speciality courses.







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