7 Gill Shark Diving - Cape Town - South Africa

Join us on a unique dive in the magical kelp forests of the Cape peninsula in search of  Broadnose Sevengill Sharks (Notorynchus cepedianus; Cow sharks).
Sevengill Shark Diving

Sevengill Shark Diving

Sevengill shark diving

Sevengill shark diving

ZAR 1,500pp



False Bay is one of the only places in the world that you can consistently dive with over 10 and up to 70 of these ancient looking sharks.


Sevengill Sharks are formidable predators of Cape Fur Seals, other species of shark and fish. They can reach lengths of 3m and weight up to 700 pounds. 


What adds to the unique experience is that because of their natural curiosity and confidence we don’t use any form of chum or bait to interact with them.


Then for a second dive we will introduce you to the best dive buddies you will ever have, the Cape Fur Seal. Dive with up to 40 of these energetic characters at a time.


The fur Seals are masters of the underwater world and they will amaze you with their acrobatics. Question is who is playing with who on this dive?



























Location : Simonstown

Dive Depth : 6-12 metres

Qualification Required : Open Water 

Water temperature : 10 - 20 C

Season : All year















Daily Program


  • Two meeting times depending on conditions and other programs. Either 9am (or 1pm).

  • Board boat and check gear. Receive safety briefing and information.

  • Leave pier at 9h15 (or 13h15) (depending on meet time)

  • Arrive at 1st dive site at 9h45 (or 13h45). Receive dive briefing.

  • 1st dive at 10am (or 2pm). (dive between 40 – 60min)

  • Relocate to 2nd dive site (less than 10min). Have something to eat and drink.

  • Arrive at 2nd dive site around 11h30 (or 15h30).

  • Receive dive briefing.

  • 2nd dive at 11h45 (or 15h45). (dive between 40 – 60min)

  • Return to Simonstown pier at 13h00 (or 17h00).


ZAR 1,500 per person


2 dives

Cylinder & weights

Snacks and cold drinks on the boat



Full gear rental

ZAR 420


Terms and Conditions

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